About Us

This is Spoon And Blade, which is a nexus of curiosity and content as well as exploration combining with knowledge. I am not just a blog; I’m an online shelter for those who crave a colorful and rewarding trip through the broad arena of general subjects.

Who am I?I’m a passionate writer, thinker, and creative with a shared mission: to create something interesting, informative and inspiring that makes you curious about the world around you. Amidst an ocean of never-ending information, I seek to become your reliable guide to the known and unknown.

In Spoon And Blade I see knowledge as a trip, not an end. No matter whether you are a veteran digital traveler or just the beginning to marvels of cyberspace, my blog will be your guide along this journey. From science and technology, to lifestyle, culture, and all that is in between – I cover it all! I aim to provide a platform through which you may explore the variety of topics, enjoying both fun and knowledge in each click.

Why me? I am not only a writer but also an enthusiast, expert and aficionado who offers her unique take on every written work. Those questions are too big to be afraid of asking them, the status quo never scared me and I am not scared of diving headfirst into the unknown. I welcome the changing face of knowledge, and strive to keep you abreast with new discoveries.

Let us discover the world’s intellectual secrets, little by little. From delving into emerging trends to unraveling the mysteries of science or just to pick up a moment, Spoon And Blade is your one-stop spot.

Thank you for being a part of my community. We journey together, for what’s the fun of knowledge without exploration? At Spoon and Blade, curiosity has no limits.